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Boss Security Worldwide was founded March 23rd, 2009 by a former installer in the CCTV industry, Anatoliy Garber. Anatoliy was in the field for several years and he noticed that both distributors and manufacturers often failed to provide adequate support for their customers. He understands just how frustrating it can be for an installer when a technical issue arises on the job and there is no one there to assist with the resolution of the problem. For these reasons, he founded his company with the mission of providing the best support in the CCTV industry. Anatoliy takes great interest in the technical side of the industry and uses his knowledge as a former installer while assisting customers. His prior experience has given him the hands on experience to solve almost any technical issue that arises and he is constantly applying his unique knowledge to assist customers in the field, as well as with their project planning to avoid unforeseen problems before they arise. As someone who has stood in the shoes of our installer customers, he understands how important it is to be able to service our customer’s needs when they are in the field. As Boss has grown over the years, he continues to build a company culture and team centered on customer service. As many of you already know, our salespeople always answer their phones in an attempt to serve you and our technical support is second to none. Anatoliy also applies his unique perspective as a former installer when purchasing and developing product lines. While understanding and balancing the importance of delivering a reasonably valued product to our customers, Anatoliy strives to bring in only those products that use the latest cutting edge technologies and which contain components of the highest quality. We are proud of the fact that a majority of Boss products have now been UL certified and we understand the impact of receiving such a certification for our customers’ businesses. Due to the extremely competitive nature of the industry, we want our customers to feel 100% secure in their dealings with Boss Security. For that reason, since our inception in 2009, we are no longer involved in the installation business and we do not deal directly with end users. We leave that to our customers. If your customer contacts us for any reason, you can bet that you will receive a phone call from us. The main hub for Boss Security Worldwide is located in Hollywood, Florida. Over the past few years, we opened a satellite location in Boynton Beach, Florida to better assist our customers. Any customer is free to go to either location and receive the same great service. We invite you to come in and meet the whole Boss team and look forward to assisting you. As we continue to grow, we hope to discover additional unique ways to provide the best service in the CCTV industry for our customers. Thank you for your support over the years. We are grateful for your business.

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